Mad Men Season Five… We Hardly Knew Ye

Well, that was kind of a disappointing Mad Men. I waited 17 months for season five which, aside from a phenomenal episode 11, appears to basically be a tease for season six?

Yes, I am kind of fuming — like when Betty Draper is told that the “help” has burned the peach pie, so there will be no dessert tonight.

That said… what a great final five minutes!  Rico Suave Don Draper is tempted by a vixen who looks remarkably like wife Megan, who is determined to forge her acting career despite all Don’s passive aggressive “assistance”.  Stop Matthew Weiner, you are blowing my MIND!

Oh God, when does season six start?

Sorry for the semi-non sequitur but… has anyone else noticed the resemblance here?  Coincidence? You be the judge…

Pete Campbell
Peter Campbell, a.k.a. the resident sleaze of AMC’s Mad Men
Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Graham, United States Senator, South Carolina (R)

P.S.  I am assuming Rodger decided to do LSD again, all by himself?  Megan’s mom apparently took a pass. She has some interesting boundaries, does she not?

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