There Is No Their They’re

Bristol Palin & Tripp
Don’t let the cap and gown fool you. She cut a lot of classes, starting with remedial English and ending with Human Biology (a-hem).

Like most perfect parents (read: childless people), I have a low tolerance of naughty children — especially disrespectful ones.

Two weeks ago, I was in a San Francisco jewelry store with one other customer, whose husband and VERY LOUD, precocious young son were waiting outside.   After five minutes or so, her yammering youngster marched into the store and bellowed “Mom, are you ready to go or are you going to live in this store?

It took everything I had not to turn to the beleaguered woman and say “Don’t you DARE reward his behavior.  Take your time.”  I held my tongue though, and she left with a hangdog expression — like a condemned prisoner returning to solitary after her daily exercise time in the yard.

My God, I wondered.  What will that little monster be like as a teenager?

Cut to Sarah Palin’s grandson Tripp, who is three years old, and a central figure in his mom’s new reality show, “Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp”.  Indeed it is, Bristol.  Indeed it is.

In a promotional clip from the show, Tripp throws a hissy when Bristol and his Aunt Willow deny him a visit to the swimming pool.  He hurls a gay slur at them (starts with an “F”) that he could only have learned at home.  Or from Kobe Bryant.

Auntie Willow Palin used the same slur in response to criticism from a classmate on Facebook in 2010.  (Hey Willow – you might want to check those privacy settings!)

Her homophobic language is, of course, inexcusable.  But what tickles me about the exchange is… well, I’ll just quote her.  You all are smart people; you’ll get my point.

“Haha your so gay. I have no idea who you are, But what I’ve seen pictures of, your disgusting … My sister has a kid and is still hot… Your such a fa*****.”

Bristol admits that she’s “doing a terrible job disciplining Tripp.”  Well yeah, no question.  But what’s almost as scary is… she and her sister may also be teaching him to SPELL.

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