The San Francisco Giants Mean No Offense…

I’ve gone to a LOT of San Francisco Giants games at AT&T Park, often sitting in a seat near the dugout so that I could take hundreds of photos of whoever was on the mound.   It’s fun with a fast shutter speed, because when you race through the photos later it’s like looking at a cartoon flip book.

There are only so many pitches you can photograph at 8 frames per second before they start to look redundant, though.  Eventually it’s helpful when OTHER THINGS happen in the game that I can take photos of, like the scary collision between Tim Lincecum and Collin Cowgill at home plate in May.

Unfortunately, aside from Ryan Vogelsong’s solid outing, there was precious little to photograph during Sunday’s 4-0 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers.  I don’t think a Giant ever even made it over to third base, where I could snap him in a confab with third base coach Tim Flannery.  A few made it to second, but my lens is a 28-300 which means photos from that distance are kind of ho-hum.

I was close enough, however, to see Buster Posey get stranded on base (again) early in the game.  I can’t be sure, but I think he may have rolled his eyes before jogging back to the dugout after the third out.  Seemed a little un-Posey like… but I know what I saw.

Listen up guys; I have tickets to four more Giants games this season.  I’m not buying any more until I start to see some offense.  I have already spent so much time photographing Giants’ pitchers, I could land a gig as a bullpen coach in the minors.

In the meantime, I’ll have to be satisfied with these shots of Vogey pitching to bad-bunter Clayton Kershaw (who does some kind of sun salutation stretch before every pitch) and of various Giants returning to the dugout scoreless, with their heads hanging low.  Pretty much sums up the game, really.


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