The A’s Hit; The Tribe Misses

The Oakland Athletics made a clean sweep of the Cleveland Indians this weekend. Today’s 7-0 rout, in which the Tribe stranded seven runners on base, was woefully representative of how the team has been playing since the All-Star break. They lack consistent offense, and have shaky pitching; Today Justin Masterson threw 5.2 innings, and allowed nine hits for seven earned runs including two homers.

Even Jemile Weeks’ fumbling of pretty much every ball landing in his vicinity couldn’t save us.

So tonight I dwell on the positives:

I finally got to witness one of my favorite Indians players, Chris Perez, in action. Because my presence at Tribe games tends to accompany losses, the team rarely needs the closer’s services when I’m in the house. But thanks to their long winless streak, today Perez needed a workout. And he was great, throwing 9 of 14 pitches for strikes and allowing no hits.

The weather was superb – in the low 70’s, with a light breeze. These were perfect conditions for wearing my trusty Indians jersey, with its Chief Wahoo logo, and my Indians cap.

A’s fans in my section were very welcoming, despite my swag. In fact, on my way out several of them high-fived me and urged me to “hang in there”. They had suffered through many losing seasons, they reassured me. The Indians’ would turn things around…. someday.

Oh my God, had it come to this? I was being PITIED by A’s fans? I cried all the way across the Bay Bridge. (Ok, not really. But it still smarted.)

In truth, there was a very fun vibe at Oakland Coliseum today. A’s fans are PUMPED UP by the team’s success, after so many losing seasons. It’s a blast to see baseball making so many people happy even if my hometown team had to lose to keep the momentum going.

Alas, my seat wasn’t on the Diamond Level – a blessing, given the price of those seats and the outcome of today’s game. There is no waiter service on the first base line, and the food there is not free. But it’s still a good spot for photos.

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