And Then, There Were Three…

Pablo's three-run homer
Pablo’s three-run homer

Regular season baseball is winding down. If your team is out of contention, like the Cleveland Indians are, attendance is tapering off. My parents were at Progressive Field today, and the place was at least 2/3 empty. That makes me sad because Cleveland is such a great sports-loving town. Maybe next year will finally be the Tribe’s year.

Meanwhile on the west coast, the San Francisco Giants are three wins away from capturing the NL West. That is, three strikes and the Dodgers are OOUUUUT!

The magic number is particularly important to me. I have tickets to both Saturday’s and Sunday’s games against the San Diego Padres, and I want to be at AT&T Park to see the Giants clinch the division. The math has gotten ridiculously simple — the odds of at least attending a game where clinching is a possibility are clearly in my favor.

Pray for me?

I went to the game on Wednesday night. Matt Cain may not have been perfect, but he was awesome. In fact, thanks to my unwavering confidence in Matty and the Giants’ six-run lead, I headed home after the 7th inning stretch (my first early departure of 2012) to thaw out my extremities. It was the coldest game I’ve been to all season.


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