Super Bowl XLVII: The Only Game In Town


The season is over, book and chapter

It’s “The Super Bowl: the Monday After”

We lick our wounds, and search for answers

What was the deciding factor?


First half, the Niners didn’t click

While the Ravens failed to miss a trick

They scored three touchdowns pretty quick

And intercepted Kaepernick.


At halftime, Beyoncé bumped and ground

That is, until the lights went down

The players stretched, and coaches frowned

Pissed-off Harbaughs all around.


But rather than just hit the showers

Down 15 points, they didn’t cower

The Niners used that dark half hour

To find their rhythm and their power.


Kap came out with guns a-blazing

“What a game!” we all kept saying

In between our bouts of praying

Until that last drive, so dismaying.


Things slipped away, the die was cast

This season’s magic didn’t last

Disappointing?  YES… but still a blast

Now bring on baseball, and make it fast.

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