Ode To Big Time Timmy Jim

Buster Posey bear hugs Tim Lincecum after his no hitter,  July 14 2013.
Photo courtesy of Lenny Ignelzi/AP


It’s been a tough year for the Freak

Some said that he was past his peak

He’d lost his mojo, so to speak

His pitches lacked location.


His Cy Young self seemed to have faded

His confidence was much degraded

If this kept up, would he be traded?

Or fall out of rotation?


As it turns out, the Freak was fooling

Gave his critics quite a schooling

No hitter: the official ruling

He lasted the duration.


His fastball started sort-of clocking

No one reached base, except by walking

Tim let his slider do the talking

A hardball demonstration.


Twelve dozen pitches were expended

Plus four more, his slump thus ended

Hugs from Buster, fences mended.

Giant celebrations!

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