What Can the Browns Do For You? Don’t Ask…

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden, left, is sacked by Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil.
Associated Press

A fellow Northeast Ohio transplant to the Bay Area sent me this video. Growing up, she also had her heart broken year after year by the Cleveland Browns, so she understands me.

As I monitored the score in today’s game against Tom Brady’s New England Patriots (at Foxborough!) I thought there might be no need to blog this. The Browns led the entire game, yet still managed to blow it by allowing the Pats to score two touchdowns in the final 61 seconds. I chalk this up to their being so unaccustomed to, you know, leading.

It breaks my heart a little to laugh at the Very Angry Browns Fan. Browns players get crushed nearly every weekend, so it kind of feels like kicking a guy — or rather, 53 guys — when they are down.

On the other hand, as all good Clevelanders know… If you don’t find a way to laugh, you’ll cry.

Note to viewers: You can skip past the annoying ad at the start of this video after just a few seconds. Do it, you’ll thank me.

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