I’ll Forever Be Loyal…

Most of the time, when I tell a guy I’m a hardcore fan of both the Cleveland Indians (my Major League Baseball team growing up) and the San Francisco Giants (my local team of 15+ years) he’ll respond, “You can’t do that”.

Can so, can so! And so, apparently, can a woman who attended Friday night’s Indians/Giants game at AT&T Park. Her sign pretty much sums it up. Thanks for representing, girlfriend. (P.S. I like your scarf!)

In case you are wondering how I’ll cope if the two teams ever play one another in the World Series, I say… BRING.IT.ON.  Seriously, I’ll worry about that happy, earth-shattering, first-world dilemma when I’m faced with it. Maybe this year…

“Let me live that fantasy.” (Lorde)


Sign seen at AT&T Park. "Born in Cleveland, Live in San Francisco, Love 'em both!" April 25, 2014.

2 thoughts on “I’ll Forever Be Loyal…

  1. Oh, one point of clarification: I was not born in Cleveland. I was born in… another place. (Take THAT identity thieves!) But I lived in the great swing state of Ohio for a long, long time and used its water in the kool-aid I drank by the gallon, so… I’m a buckeye.

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