2014 Spring Training: Day One Was a Dust Up

It’s that time of year again: Major League Baseball Spring Training in Arizona. The new season brings a new camera lens for me, which is proving a little unwieldy so far. For starters, when it’s attached to my camera the entire ensemble weights more than six pounds. I got cramps in my arm, and a blister on my zooming thumb. Tomorrow I’ll rub some desert grit on it, and get back in the mix.

It was a beautiful Scottsdale day: hot of course, with breezes that kept us cool while kicking up a lot of dust. Unfortunately, it wasn’t pretty for the San Francisco Giants — or Matt Cain who gave up seven runs to the Oakland Athletics. The Giants lost 8-1.

2013 Spring Training: Day One

No witty commentary today, due to writing time wasted searching for my USB cord to upload these photos.  Bottom line:  It was a good day one… and not just because I (obviously) found the cord.

Now, off to Goodyear to see the Cleveland Indians take off the LA Dodgers. (Boo Dodgers!)