Lotto Redux

I’ve got the fever, and the only prescription is more cow bell.  No wait, that’s not right.  That’s from an old SNL sketch.  Actually, all I need to cure what ails me is six winning numbers worth $640 million (and growing).

Based on my blogging, one might think I am a serial lotto player.  Not true, actually.  But the last few drawings have been so huge, and I would really love to shake things up in my life… so I am courageously volunteering to test the hypothesis that enormous wealth doesn’t buy happiness.  This could take a while, so you can thank me later.

I now have 12 lottery numbers for tonight’s drawing on my person.  No real logic behind buying that many.  It was really driven by the amount of cash I had in my wallet ($12). 

As I have mentioned, I find people’s behaviors and rituals when buying lotto tickets pretty amusing.  Some folks have a standard number they always play, and despite being a quick picks person, I can understand that.  It’s a REAL no-brainer for anyone with five kids and a spouse — they use birthdays.  The added benefit of this system is, if your husband plays twice a week for years he can’t ever say he forgot to buy you a birthday gift.

I chuckle that stores that have sold winning tickets in the past have longer lines outside, when the jackpot is massive.  I bumped into a colleague this morning as I was leaving a bodega with tickets in my hand.  She pointed out that a few of her work friends bought their tickets there too, because it has sold winners before. Not sure I am on board with this theory, but who am I to judge since I am not a lotto winner?  Yet.

I also shouldn’t judge, because I have my own lotto superstition.  If I’m going all-in with the lottery, and buying more than one ticket, I don’t want to buy them all at the same store. This time I bought two tickets at a newsstand on Polk Street, five at a Seven-Eleven and five at the bodega near work.

I know this is completely illogical, and violates every probability law on the books.  I guess it just feels like I have more entries – and so, a greater chance of winning — because I have three tickets in my eager little fist, rather than one.  Makes sense, right?  

Now, there’s nothing left to do but wait.  And dream.  Last Friday I bought two tickets, and didn’t have even one correct number.  But I am an optimist at heart.  BRING IT!

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