Many Americans are waking up with a Mega Millions hangover this morning.  But imagine the kind of morning you’d be having if yesterday you had missed out on lotto millions AND been fired, like 31-year-old infielder Mike Fontentot.  The San Francisco Giants put him on release waivers on Friday, just one day before his $1.05 million contract for 2012 would have been guaranteed.   Now he’ll make only about one quarter of that.

Fontenot seems like a good guy, and he made important contributions to the Giants in 2010.  But his batting average in 2011 was just .227, and the Giants need bats — so Ryan Theriot had better bring his!

I took these photos of Mike Fontenot at this year’s spring training.  You can zip though them quickly to get that choppy, 8mm effect.  Prepare to have your mind BLOWN.

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