True Confessions: Volume I

Today’s confession: I find the sight of Bobby Petrino in a neck brace, with road rash all over his face, funny.  I know that’s bad.  (It is, right?  No, it is. I KNOW it is.)  I also find the mental image of him on a big ol’ Harley with 25 year-old Twinkie Jessica Dorrell on the back worthy of a chuckle, because I understand that comeuppance is on the way.

Petrino’s hanky-panky with a University of Arkansas employee – who he hired — has presumably left a family devastated, and a career besmirched, which should elicit sympathy from me.  But it doesn’t.  When it comes down to it, isn’t saying Bobby Petrino’s career is besmirched like saying Bill Belichick has abandoned his integrity?

Um, I think that ship sailed a while back, guys.

The situation is so tawdry and trite, even Lifetime Movie Network would not pick it up.  An aging man, with a lot of power and influence, encounters an attractive, ambitious young woman who needs his “help”.

“Single blonde female likes NCAA football, long rides on motorcycles, monetary gifts and unfair advantages when interviewing for highly coveted university jobs.  Assistant coaches and poor guys need not apply.”

When the story of Petrino (who is a married father of four) having a young lady passenger at the time of his crash broke, he said he had tried to spare his family the pain of a “previous” inappropriate relationship.  He used the word “previous” a lot.   She was straddling your hog, Bobby.  There’s nothing previous about it.

It would appear that Petrino was dating Dorrell before she applied for a position in the U of A Athletic Department, which gave her an “unfair and undisclosed advantage” over the other 159 applicants for the job.  Oh, he also gave her cash.

This reminds me of a quote from wise man Homer Simpson…

“Bart, with $10,000, we’d be millionaires! We could buy all kinds of useful things like . . . love.”

So true.  Look what Bobby Petrino bought with $20,000!  A whole mess o’ trouble.

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