Play Ball!

The San Francisco Giants 2012 home opener against the Pittsburg Pirates was everything I’d hoped for… starting with sunny and dry.  For several days prior, I had monitored the Weather Channel, while also chanting “ohpleaseohpleaseohplease”.  I guess it worked.

Bryan Stow’s son Tyler movingly threw out the first pitch.  It looked like a change-up.  Seriously, he’s 13 and I think he may have a future in baseball.

Matt Cain threw a gem – a one-hitter complete game.  Aubrey Huff homered, and Buster nearly did.

I splurged on my seat, under the auspices of trying out a new camera lens.   Really, I was just ready for some baseball and I wanted to be close to the action.  I can now say my investments in the lens – and the Opening Day ticket – were wise ones.

On a personal note, my apologies to the nephew of Bob in section 126, row 10.   According to the season ticketholders seated around me, Bob couldn’t attend yesterday’s game, and gave his nephew his ticket.  It eventually became MY ticket, through the magic of StubHub.   When I told my seatmates where I bought it, eyebrows shot up.   Uh oh.

Sorry if I outed you, crafty nephew of Bob.  If you didn’t split the ticket-sale proceeds with your uncle, your next conversation with him could be a little awkward!

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