Ugg Repellent: A Prayer for 2013

Snooki in UggsAs 2012 comes to an end
I wish the same fate for a trend
That I still cannot comprehend
Uggs, when it’s not chilly.

Are stinky feet the social norm
To which these girls look to conform
By wearing Ugg boots when it’s warm?
To me, it just looks silly.

Worn by someone mini-skirted
In summer, well that’s just perverted
The laws of fashion are subverted
And these Ugg-nuts are guilty.

There‘s really only one solution
We need a footwear revolution
I beg you, end this style pollution!
Comrades, are you with me?

Sequenced Uggs
Please God, make it stop.

2 thoughts on “Ugg Repellent: A Prayer for 2013

  1. Graham Mckay

    I concur.

    The non-winter Ugg is a seasonal bug
    Affecting the taste-deficient
    And those who can’t feel
    That in sandals one’s heel
    Arch and toes are A/C efficient.

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